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Gator Skin Balls

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Mã sản phẩm: Gator Skin Balls
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Set of 6"-diameter balls, constructed with a low bounce, low density foam (25kg/m3), one in each of our Spectrum™ colors. Our softest ball is best suited for Pre-K and elementary aged kids. Certified Latex-Free. Non-sting coating is a proprietary polyurethane.

We're so sure that our Gator Skin® balls are the highest-quality coated foam balls on the market, we back them up with an unconditional 4-year guarantee! The tactile, non-sting coating makes them easy to grip, and the coating is so durable, they're virtually tear-proof! No more red marks from the stinging hit of a vinyl- coated or rubber ball, so everyone can play at ease and gain confidence. That means more fun during more activities. Our premium Gator Skin® balls are simply your BEST choice.

Gator Skin® is a registered trademark of S&S Worldwide. Any use of this trademark without express written consent from S&S Worldwide is strictly prohibited. Gator Skin® is the original coated foam ball enjoyed by millions of satisfied customers.

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